Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend info

* Nothing to worry about here - Preqin research shows that the number of public pension systems investing in hedge funds has increased significantly over the past four years. There are now 295 public pension plans worldwide known to be allocating to hedge funds, up from 196 in 2007. The mean allocation to the asset class has also grown in the same period from 3.6% to 6.6%. As long as the market continues to melt up on Japanese meltdown news we'll all be eating caviar off of our pension payouts :)


This report is real heavy lifting but it's worth the effort. Mary Meeker (a former competitor of yours truly) and other put together a compelling piece of research on the future of the US by analyzing the country as if it were a company.

It's a troubling look at our future.

One of my favorite data points: By 2025 (just 14 years away) entitlements plus interest will absorb all of the Federal gov't revenues. That will leave nothing for defense, education, infrastructure or anything else.

As I said, this report is 200+ pages so load up on the coffee before tackling this one. T-14 and counting.


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