Sunday, May 01, 2011

Silver crash?!?!?

Silver is just one of many commodities that has been on an epic tear over the past 6 months. The commodity looked like it was headed to $50 on Friday but there has been a serious shakeout overnight in the Asian commodity markets. Silver was down 20% in a matter of minutes (rumors of massive sell orders seemed to be the primary driver) but it's recovered a bit now.

Coupled with a late Sunday night Presidential statement - 10:30pm on a Sunday?? Is that the only non-Idol, non-Dancing with the Stars time slot available? - should make for an interesting day tomorrow.

Wow, this is an entire piece of the "social media revolution" that I was unaware even existed. Companies like will provide "facebook friends", "facebook likes", youtube views/likes, twitter followers, etc for a fee. If you want 1,000 new twitter followers you can do it the old fashioned way or just buy them for $34.95. This seems to imply that thousands and perhaps millions of the registered USERS on twitter and facebook exist only in some data farm in Bangladesh. After looking around the web a bit it appears that there are hundreds of companies offering services like this.

If I were an investor in Facebook or Twitter I'd want some clarity on this issue ASAP.

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