Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I don't even pretend to play a nuclear physicist on tv

but this video is pretty disturbing. Officials in Tokyo continue to argue that radiation levels in the air are fine but as this video shows the issue might be in the ground. There could be some form of natural radiation coming from the road that causes the number to spike but the maker of of the video seems pretty authentic and he has taken similar readings around his Tokyo home.

The markets had their balloon popped yesterday when it appeared as though the Bernanke tipped his hand. It's clear that the Fed is painted itself into a corner and they are now stuck in no man's land. I think every astute market observer has known this for about a year but knowing it and hearing it from the voice of the Fed are completely different.

I'm disturbed by rumblings from some political circles that some are considering a "brief default" of the US debt to prove some sort of political point. Anyone considering this needs to have their head examined. Someone needs to sit down and give the members of Congress a 1 hour tutorial on global markets because if they think a "brief default" will be anything but disastrous for the US they are either ignorant, anti-American or both.

Finally, a little thank you to Rich at Watertown Power Equipment. I spent a good part of 2 days tearing apart my lawnmower trying to find the problem causing my engine to misfire. Rich arranged for a pick-up of my mower on a Sunday and had it back to me by Tuesday. I honestly think the mower works better today than it did the day I bought it 6 years ago :) Just amazing service at a great price!!! Consider Rich at Watertown Power Equipment for your small engine needs. Shoot me an email if you'd like Rich's contact info.


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Starseed Bob-Prophecy said...

Population control at its best.
Everything about the Japanese disaster is a lie. From the mark 1 reactors being built on flawed plans to the loading of Reactor 3 with Mox fuel as protest linger to the soft brittle rock formation they were built on too the disturbingly placed Nuclear Reactors on fault lines.Only two things needed to be done to correct the issue of meltdown that was to cover with boron then cement in. They choosed to spray it with water !!! All against correct procedures to fix the problem. As Japan disaster brings more chaos everyday as the levels of radiation of plutonium,iodine and other harmful deadly mixed elements go streaming in the air. This is devious and disgusting what the elite "NWO,Illuminati has planned" I have a blog on this issue where I put the pieces of the puzzle together.