Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, I think I'll pass on the Kobe beef this weekend

via bloomberg

Aeon Says Suspected Radioactive Beef Sold in 174 Supermarkets Across Japan

Aeon Co., Japan’s biggest supermarket chain, said beef suspected to be contaminated with radioactive cesium was put on sale at a total of 174 of its stores across Japan.

Aeon found 4,108 kilograms (9,056 pounds) of the beef was put on shelves in stores in Tokyo and 28 other prefectures, according to a faxed statement from the company today. The figure includes locations previously announced by the company.

Supermarkets throughout Japan have been testing beef sold in their stores after the Tokyo Metropolitan Government found cesium levels in slaughtered cattle. Some of the beef had already been sold before testing began. The government banned sales of beef from Fukushima on July 19.

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