Monday, July 25, 2011

Borders update

The good people at have gone through the effort of comparing Borders book prices before the "Liquidation Event" and after the clearance began.

Borders Liquidation Price Check

1st Week Price 2nd Week Price Lowest Price Available
The Girl Who Kicked
The Hornet's Nest $19.57 $25.16 $11.87 at Walmart

The Help $11.20 $14.40 $8.57 at Amazon

Water for Elephants $10.47 $13.46 $7.77 at Walmart

Too Big To Fail $12.60 $16.20 $10.55 at Walmart

(Sorry about the format)

Of 25 books they looked at in Borders 19 (!!!) INCREASED in price this week and none of the books listed were the lowest available price. Steer clear for the foreseeable future :)

As someone said yesterday - Washington couldn't solve a Rubik's Cube if it had only one color.

The President made a rational, if boring, presentation of the facts tonight. Rep. Boehner quoted almost every populist bumper sticker in rural Texas in a passionate speech and rallied his troops. I don't see this ending tonight :(


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