Monday, July 25, 2011

Skip the Borders Liquidation sales

This is really hard for many people to do but there are reasons why you should avoid the Borders liquidation sales.

Liquidation sales are run by companies other than the bankrupt company so two things happen:

1) The liquidator takes inventory back to MSRP and then discounts the price. So, a book had an MSRP of $19.99 and Border price of $12.99. The liquidator moves the price back $20 and offers you "20% off" so the new CLEARANCE price is $16. A 23% increase in price for the customer!!!

2) Liquidators often have "other" merchandise that they bring into the store to move during these sales. This merchandise was never in Borders but now it will be on their shelves and unsuspecting buyers might end up buying it because it feels like a deal.

If you have to shop these store closings, the experienced shoppers say the best deals are usually found 6-8 weeks after the liquidations start. In Borders' case this would mean late September.

From the files of "Only in Florida" comes a report that the State of Florida's DMV made $63 million last year selling driver data.

The state has been selling names, addresses, vehicles people drive (a particularly telling piece of data) for marketers in Florida. Add this to the snakes and humidity as reasons not to move to Florida.


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