Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Albany's Renewal?

This story somehow slipped past my radar a couple of weeks ago. There have been many stories about the government propping up new nanotech projects in and around the Albany area. For the most part, these projects have been long on promise and short on results. However, there was a story last week detailing a huge new complex going up next to the University of Albany.

"The massive building now rising amid a shroud of secrecy at the University at Albany's nanotech complex is part of a major push by the semiconductor industry to develop the next generation of computer chip manufacturing.

If the venture succeeds, it will place Albany at the center of the worldwide semiconductor industry.

Renderings and other documents obtained by the Times Union show a dramatic, 500,000-square-foot structure that will nearly double the size of the existing College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering campus. The project, to be built in two phases, is rising opposite Washington Avenue Extension from the existing campus."

As the father of an 8 yr old who took Snap Circuits into school last week to represent her favorite "toy", this kind of news makes me hopeful there could be a future for our kids in NY.

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