Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Finally a glass that's half full...

I'm often accused of not only seeing the glass as half empty, but cracked and leaking water. 

However, after 10 long, painful years of driving past the site of my former workplace (7 WTC) and my former classroom (51st floor 1 WTC) I was encouraged by this cool wide angle picture of lower Manhattan and the WTC reconstruction effort. 

Sidenote: it's amazing the memories held in this photo for me - my old softball fields up under the Williamsburg Bridge, jogging across the Brooklyn Bridge in an effort to lose the freshman 15 (okay freshman 30), my first "job" at 70 Pine St., temping in the Woolworth building, and down in the left hand corner you can almost see my old boss' office in the corner of 2 World Financial. 

This qualifies as the coolest company I've heard about in some time -

"Visualplanet is launching a transparent film called “touchfoil” today that can turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen. The foil can turn large regions of wood, plastic, glass, tabletop, and shop window into giant interactive surfaces that behave just like tablet touchscreens.

It is thinner than an average business card, making it easy to adapt to a variety of surfaces. The touchfoil can cover surfaces ranging from 30 diagonal inches to 167 inches."

My favorite part of the story is that despite this insanely cool technology this company remains self-funded.  Every dotcom social gaming company in the US is raising $100 million to fund operations while this British firm hasn't taken a $ of VC money.

Good stuff.

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