Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Have a business idea for NNY? Pitch Grindstone Financial next week!

You've probably flipped past the terrible ABC version (Shark Tank) of the CBC's Dragon's Den and wondered what's going on there?  If you ever get a chance to watch the original CBC version check it out it's much, much better (and it's my daughter's favorite show).

The point being that Shark Tank/Dragon's Den are effectively venture capital pitch sessions.  The most fun I ever had during my career on Wall Street was as a member of a venture capital firm listening to thousands of pitches from start-ups around the country and trying to identify the winners when they were nothing more than an idea on a sheet of paper.

Well, I'm on the verge of kicking off a couple of new business opportunities of my own and that got me thinking that there may be others in NNY with good ideas that just can't get their ideas to market.  As someone who has helped companies launch in the past, I think can help you navigate the choppy waters of start-up land. 

What can I do for you?  Connect you with start-up cash - either debt or equity infusions, help you understand the challenges and potential rewards with your idea, develop new markets or target verticals that you've not thought of previously, etc.

If you have a UNIQUE business concept that you think will be successful in NNY let's meet up next week!   These meetings will be informal one-on-one's to review your idea.

Date: Tuesday 10/4

Time 10-2pm

Venue: TBD in Watertown

To secure your time slot email:

If you can't make it during business hours - I imagine many people with great ideas actually have jobs :) - shoot me an email and we'll set up an evening or weekend session if there is enough demand.

If I get a good response maybe I'll make this a monthly or quarterly idea.

Pass this along to your friends and let's get to work!



Anonymous said...

The Best Business Idea I have ever herd of came from a man who gives his time for free as the Events Planner for the city of Watertowns DBA . He brings thousands to his events and his Idea is right under this citys nose and would bring Big $ to someone .

A Friend

The Artful Blogger said...

Well, that sounds intriguing. Have him shoot me an email and we'll talk -