Friday, November 04, 2011

That will teach me to complain

I got a little taste of karma today after my rant on propane prices.  My first propane bill came in at a tidy $4.42/gallon!!! More than 30% higher than what NYSERDA says the average price in actually is in Northern NY and the highest price I've ever seen on a bill in 8 years living in NNY.

My supplier is "outside of the city" and will have one chance to make that right or I'll be shopping for a new propane supplier.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Do you think I can sell my 400 gallons back to them at $4.42/gallon :)

I'm working a little commodity arbitrage in Clayton.....

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Anonymous said...

Propane was available for home heating from a Watertown vendor on 11/1/11 for $1.949/gal. The second place vendor, also in Watertown, came in at $2.04 that day. Cash prices. Most vendors that day were within 60 cents of $1.949, but one prominent vendor was much higher. I am not associated with any vendor. I shop around, having accounts with multiple vendors. NYSERDA prices for this area are traditionally well above the least expensive propane available here. I would rather not put vendor names and telephone numbers in an open blog to preclude motivation being called into question, but if you'd like details, feel free to contact me at the inbound email with thanks. Best.