Saturday, November 05, 2011

Weekend follies

First, thanks to all of those that have passed along info re: propane suppliers in NNY.  I think my days of living in the "Suburbs" are numbered :)

1) I am a sucker for cool design and innovative architecture.  Well, this new building in Belgium has both design and unique architecture in spades.

You'll really have to check out the website where this was originally posted - here - to get a feel for different perspectives the building offers from different angles.  I'm not sure this would meet code in the US :)

2) Today's overreaction brought to you by W. Virginia - OMG! A light bulb blew!  EVERYBODY PANIC!!

"A reported exploding package and spray of white powder that sent emergency units rushing to a small-town post office turned out to be just the pop of a malfunctioning fluorescent light bulb, authorities said Friday.
The scare Friday morning triggered an evacuation of the building and the temporary quarantine of 15 people inside a school bus. Hazardous materials and bomb experts, State Police units, fire crews and more responded to the scene at a strip mall.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Department sent a robot into the building to test the air. It found no chemical agents or evidence of an explosion."

Am I the only one struck by the fact that Berkeley County West Virginia has a bomb robot?  Did I miss the day when we were handing those things out to everyone with a pulse?

3) I'll present the following information without comment but I think you know where I stand on this....

Last year's Healthy Hunger-Free Kids' Act required changes to the school lunch program to make it healthier (and to lessen the overall federal subsidy). What it didn't do was define exactly what changes would achieve the goal of better nutrition. The Department of Agriculture created a proposal that fit within its budget and pleased nutritionists, public health experts and many school lunch officials, but it didn't please the American Frozen Food Institute or the companies that provide much of the food served to kids at lunch—companies like Coca-Cola, Del Monte, and the makers of frozen pizza. According to the NYT, those companies have spent $5.6 million in successfully lobbying their congress members to object to the guidelines.


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