Monday, January 09, 2012

Hotel in two weeks?

Okay, so there is no doubt that building this hotel took weeks or months of prep work but watch this video and try hard not to be amazed at the speed with which things get done in China.

The prefab sections come completely wired, plumbed, sheetrocked and tiled.  All of the interior components of a section - interior studs, sheetrock, etc, - are shipped on the same platform so when a section is lifted into place all of the interior components are there as well.  This really speeds up construction because you aren't spending days on site lifting interior components up into an existing frame.

The implications of this on the global market are significant. What happens when they export this technology and you can buy a prefab hotel online for $19,999 via paypal?  What does that do to global real estate values?  How about pricing pressures on the global construction industry?  As someone pointed out construction is one of the last industries not to be outsourced in the US.  Check back with us in 2025.


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