Monday, September 24, 2012

Can I get an iPhone6 or QE93 rumor?

So, Apple managed to sell 5 million + over the weekend and people are freaking out a bit because there were rumors that Apple might sell 10 million.  However, the market buys every dip in that stock so I wouldn't worry too much (yet).

There is always a sub-segment of the population that always has to have the latest (if not greatest) product in a market, so it's not surprising that people were clamoring to save the weight of 4 quarters off their latest phone.  Apple has legions of fans but I think the biggest question for them and their future is "Would this iPhone have been launched under Steve Jobs?".  It's not a question that we can answer but I think the marginal improvement in the phone and the cluster*(#! that is their mapping system should raise some eyebrows.

This video will probably be everywhere by the end of the day but when I saw it yesterday I couldn't believe it.  It's a terrible truck vs. truck collision but miraculously everyone was okay.  However, watch the guy in the Where's Waldo shirt FALL OUT OF THE WINDSHIELD and WALK AWAY!

Crazy stuff.
Finally, thanks to everyone that stopped in this weekend to check out NNY Math at the Mall this weekend.  I'm cautiously optimistic that we are onto something based on the response we got this weekend.  Again you can reach me at brian at if you have any questions.


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