Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fed day and a Modemgate update!

The markets wanted to rebound sharply today on the heels of lots of rumors coming out Europe but alas today is a Fed day and that means no real movement until after 2:15pm.

Steve Jobs once said there was no use for a 7" ipad.  Thus, a year after his passing, Apple introduced the ipad mini (aka, Ipod XL) at a higher than expected price point - most thought it would be about $249, instead it came in at $329 - and the market yawned.  I think Coke and Pepsi could learn a thing about marketing from Apple.  Instead of "cutting the size of their 2 litter bottles" to 1.5 liters and now 1.25 liters, they should just called them the Pepsi mini and the Pepsi mini XL.  People would line up around the corner for them :)

Attempting to be politically agnostic in an election year is difficult, but this chart is about as apolitical as you can get.
This shows one of the greatest flaws with our economy.  Nearly 6% of our workforce is now "disabled" which is up 50% + since President Clinton left office.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why this number has jumped (poor hiring prospects, obesity, wars in Iraq/Afghanistan) but it is important to note that when you hear about the challenges facing social security, disability payments are an increasingly factor.
Just a follow-up to the post on buying your own modem for Time Warner --- be aware that it might be a good idea to pay 1 month of rental fees before switching.  There is some work that has to be done at Time Warner customer service when you switch and EVERYONE in New York City is trying to switch right now before 11/1, so I've heard that wait times for customer service are obscene.  I'll buy a new modem and switch in November.
To those that are concerned about not being able to buy a modem b/c they have bundled phone/internet, I'd say dump time warner for a better VOIP provider.  I pay about $8/mth for an adequate voip service, but you can find a good provider for $15/mth if you are a little tech savy.
BTW - Thanks to all of the blog readers that have stopped by at the mall.  It's been a pleasure to meet some readers face to face.  NNY Math --- Math, science, fun at the mall!

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