Friday, January 04, 2013

Charts to read over the weekend

#1 It's good to be in the top 1/100th Percent

While it's been widely understood that the 1% have done well in recent years the degree to which income gains skewed to the 1% in 2010 was stunning.  For 93% of all gains to go the top 1% of income earners is unusual, but more eye-catching is that 37% of all income gains in 2010 were realized by the top 0.01% which represents just 15,000 American households!!

#2 Congress is the definition of Fail

The 112th Congress set a new standard for "doing nothing".  In two years, they passed just over 200 bills or 31% of the average of the # of laws passed by the preceding 32 sessions of Congress.

charts via NY Times

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