Friday, June 28, 2013

Get your geek on...

I think it's a little early to say 3-D printers will be the must have tech toy at Christmas but I think within 5 years most of us will have 3-D printers and the associated "toner" in our house.

The first step in bringing 3-D printers to everyone was taken by Staples today which is now offering Cube 3-D printers for $1,300.  When coupled with Makerbot's acquisition last week you can see that 3-D printing for the masses is on the way.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of 3-D printing you can see some examples here.  Right now it's mainly a gimmick but there are more stories emerging every day of the way 3-d printers are changing the way things get done.

Oh, Apple.  They just can't catch a break.  Yes, their still the second biggest company in the world and printing piles and piles of cash every day, but the tech world is fickle beast and despite having 80%+ of the tablet market everyone wants to know what's next.  The latest swing and miss seems to be these odd "We make life worth living" sort of ads that started running 2 weeks ago.

The company’s latest ad, which began airing June 10, has earned the lowest score of 26 Apple TV ads in the past year, according to Ace Metrix Inc., a consulting firm that analyzes the effectiveness of TV ads through surveys of at least 500 TV viewers. The ad scored 489 on the company’s scoring system, below an industry average of 542 and far below past iconic Apple campaigns that often topped 700.

Finally, from the weird news files - Someone (I'm guessing her husband) is going to have some explaining to do. 

"A woman who reached for her lipgloss in the middle of the night got a nasty surprise when she realized her mouth was glued shut.

She had instead covered her lips in super glue.
Police said the Dunedin woman called them for help overnight, but because her mouth had been glued shut, it sounded like she had been gagged.
When police arrived at the woman's house they realized what had happened and called for an ambulance.
Ambulance staff were able to clear the woman's sticky situation without her requiring hospital treatment. 


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