Thursday, July 18, 2013

3 odd stories to start your day

1) UK family struggles with the ethical nightmare of dealing with the $2 million they've made off the sale of the paintings done by THEIR 10 YR OLD SON.  Clearly, my kids are slackers.

2) This company provides online/offline lying for a fee.  Ugh, is this really where we're at as a culture?

"Its name is Paladin Deception Services, and it advertises its services for $54 per month.
Green says customers run the gamut -- from cheating spouses in need of alibis to people playing hooky from work. But the real demand comes from job seekers, making up more than 60% of what he says are its 250 to 300 monthly clients.
"We can replace a supervisor with a fictitious one, alter your work history, provide you with a positive employment reputation, and give you the glowing reference that you need," Paladin's website states."

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