Monday, July 15, 2013

3 things I learned this weekend

People have started to jump on the concept of low job quality when it comes to the jobs report.  I've been following this trend for years and it continues unabated.  During the recession we lost tech, financial service and manufacturing jobs while we've been replacing them with temporary jobs, low-end health care and restaurant jobs.

via BLS & Zerohedge

Not all jobs are created equal, but the algorithms reading headlines can't always determine the nuance of the jobs report.

This is a REALLY cool development.  The Oregon state legislature passed a bill last night that would make higher education FREE (well there's always a "but").

The model is loosely based on the Australian higher education model (which I like).  Under the proposal students would attend school for free with the understanding that they will pay 3% of their future earnings for the next 24 years back to the state to fund future opportunities for other kids.

Guess what? We don't have to worry if the student loan rate is 3.4% or 6.8% if kids have 0 debt when they graduate.

Kudos to Oregon for taking this bold step.  Your move SUNY :)

I really like this idea from Warren Buffett and his sister Dorothy.  They've run a class for the past few years at various universities that teaches how to give with your heart AND your brain when it comes to charities.  At the end of the course they fund a charity selected by the class with $10,000.  Now, they've taken that concept one step further and embraced the Massive Open Online Course model.  This means you or I can also take the class and have a chance nominate a charity for $100,000 in contributions.

The importance of being smart with your charitable dollars has never been more critical and raising a new generation of Americans with smart compassion is an idea that I can embrace.

You can see the details of the course here.

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