Monday, July 08, 2013

The New ABC - Always Be Curious

I recently had a conversation with an old friend about the importance of constant learning and maintaining a constant state of curiosity.  Even at our advanced age, the ability to learn has never been greater.  As little as 20 years ago most of the world's collective insight and knowledge was locked up in libraries, monthly magazines and college lecture halls.

However, thanks to the advent of the Internet, the world is now awash in free education.  Consider this article on Marketing from the Harvard Business Review.

"Spoiler alert: I dropped out of university.
It's true. I entered university with the best of intentions. At the same time, I was already publishing a couple of music magazines that were becoming successful. As I ventured down the road of burnout by trying to be both a publisher and a full time college student, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my parents. In a very non-traditional fashion, my mother said, "If the magazines don't work out you always go back to school, but if you stay in school and stop publishing those magazines, you will never know what could have been." While I dropped out of university (and never went back), I never let not being in school get in the way of a higher education."
He does a good job highlighting the world class marketing "education" that can be had by simply being well read on the Internet.  I'm clearly not a marketing guy, but I can see the value in this approach.

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