Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best of the web

Some great reads that I couldn't pass along earlier because of the web issues.

Thai Airline has their priorities straight?

"A Thai Airways Airbus carrying 302 people suffered a landing gear malfunction on Monday, rolling off a runway at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. All 288 passengers and 14 crew members survived, though 14 people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Shortly after the accident, Thai Airways brass demonstrated that they had their priorities in order, sending a crew armed with black paint to hastily cover the airline’s logos on the tail and fuselage of the disabled plane (pictured) as it rested helplessly on the grass -- an apparent, desperate attempt protect the airline’s image."

One more reason to fear snakes

There are few things more chilling than the sound of a nearby rattlesnake. That distinctive sound serves as a warning that trouble could be on the way. The only thing worse than hearing a rattlesnake within striking distance — is not hearing it at all. A herpetologist in South Dakota's Black Hills has discovered a growing number of Prairie Rattlesnakes with atrophied tail muscles; he believes it's a genetic issue that multiplies because those snakes that can rattle usually end up being killed. But others think the situation could be an evolutionary development to avoid detection.


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