Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday night humor

When you read a story that leads with "47% of US jobs are susceptible to automation in the next 20 years" you need to counter that with a little humor.

Hat tip to reader Brian Jones who provided a link to this gem - pedestrians vs. cars in Russia.  No wonder there are so many dashcams in Russia.  While, I'm thanking readers - many thanks to the gentleman at Sam's Club that tipped me off that the blog had been kicked offline.  If not for his heads up I'd still be posting to a website that didn't exist :)

Equally entertaining is this clip of the parking at a Russian parking lot.

So yeah, our government is about to shut down (I'll have thoughts on this tomorrow, but the fact that we've gone from a 5-10% chance of a shutdown a week ago to 70%-90% chance of a shutdown is insane) but at least we're not jumping in front of cars for a quick payday ........ yet :)


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