Friday, October 18, 2013

Leaping from Crisis to Crisis

Presented without comment....

Google search for the terms Egypt, Syria and Shutdown.

Okay, a little comment.  Remember way back in August when the "coup that wasn't a coup" occupied every second of every day during the 24 hour news cycle?  Well, for the record there still is plenty to talk about there - a new protest law that is said to be more oppressive than during the Mubarak years and reports yesterday that Egypt is detaining Syrian refugees - but we moved on for some reason.

Oh that's right --- SYRIA!  Remember the line in the sand, the military build up, the threat of War number "who knows I've lost count"?  Well, the country is still in shambles, the refugee crisis is unmanageable and there has been no meaningful change in leadership.  Recall, that I felt this was all too rushed so I'm actually pleased with the current pace, but I'd still like to see us doing more to help the civilian population. However, we've moved on, why?

Oh that's right --- DEBT CEILING/SHUTDOWN SHOWDOWN!  I won't bore you with all of the nonsense that's been covered for 25 hrs a day for the past two weeks but it makes you wonder what is the next great story that will be invente.... I mean, that will capture the media's attention.


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