Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday comedy

I really wanted to have some sort of snarky comment about how people have too much time on their hands or something but this video is clever and revealed something about the NYC subway system that I didn't know.  The reactions of the conductors is great.

This second clip has some salty British language in it.  Please try not to be offended and don't click if you think you might be offended.  However, if you want to laugh heartily, watch this grandmother playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Perhaps the more disturbing thing for me is the level of violence in Grand Theft Auto V.  Wow - I guess I've been living in a protective bubble when it comes to video games.  As a reminder, Take Two - the maker of GTA V - said they sold over $1.0 billion of this game in just the first 3 days after its release.


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