Thursday, November 07, 2013

The only thing we have to fear is....

I constantly have these conversations with people.  Shark attacks make for terrifying headlines but that dog in your house is much more likely to bite you.

The sums of all our fears.
Via Newsweek.

You're 1,000 times more likely to die of the flu than you are to be killed by a terrorist.

Even this table has some flaws because it's just raw numbers, so it doesn't include data on things like passenger miles, etc, but it does put things in perspective. :)

Into the twittersphere!!!

Imagine building a website where you do nothing but sit back and let unpaid minions create content for you!  Rather than paying reporters from around the world to report on events they'll give a link for FREE! Now figure out a way to build in some banner ads circa 1995 and PROFIT!!

My original guess was that the IPO would price at $27 (priced at $26) and open in the $30's.  Well, I was a bit off there - it opened at $45 and is currently $50.  Imagine being an analyst that issued a BUY rating on the stock and a $32 target this morning.  So, with the stock 56% above your target you probably should change your rating to SELL, right?  We all know that won't happen but if they were being honest......

Right now - by market value twitter is larger than Aflac, Chipotle, Gap, Macy's, Charles Schwab, Sprint and Whole Foods. Oh, and remember they've never turned a profit.

So my guess will be that the Ferrari dealership in San Francisco is going to be out of stock for awhile :)


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