Sunday, December 01, 2013

Don't bother getting back to work there is cheap junk to buy online!!!!- It's CyberMonday, Cyberweek, Cybermonth...

Now brought to you buy Boeing's new Amazon Prime Drones!!! More on this in a moment.

So, despite the stuffing our faces and shopping until we literally dropped for 4 days, there is MORE shopping to be done so get to clicking as Cybermonday stories will rule the air for the next 24 hours.

A few years ago, I predicted that the rush to expand Black Friday into Thanksgiving would cause a backlash.  You wouldn't know it by listening to stories from Thursday and Friday about shoppers with "dozens and dozens of bags" but it appears that this is finally coming to fruition.

Unfortunately, much of the data reported as fact for this weekend is based on consumer reported data and consumers always overestimate their spending.  However, while the number of shoppers was up 1% for the year, actually spending fell.  I would question whether the number of shoppers was actually up this year.

When you looked at anecdotal data like footage from malls on Thursday and Friday or the interview from one shopper at Mall of America who said "we arrived at 7am and were stunned that the parking lot was empty" it appears as though foot traffic was down substantially.

The contention will be "yeah, but everyone is just moving to online shopping."  Yes, online shopping is still growing, but it remains just a fraction of overall sales.

As with every year before - Black Friday will make for an interesting story full of throngs charging their way to $98 TVs but the reality will fall short of expectations --- again.  Never mind, you can make up for it during the remainder of the Shopping Sea...... oops, I mean Holiday Season.

With great fanfare Amazon revealed their plan to officially be the final nail in the US Postal Service's coffin by unveiling their PrimeAir Drones.

The coolness factor of a helicopter dropping off my over-packaged $2.99 pack of coconut water is undeniable.  However, the hurdles for such a concept are enormous.

* It only makes sense in dense suburbs.

* In our panic first, use common sense later society a bunch of black drones carrying brown boxes flying around the suburbs won't cause any concern.  Consider for a moment that LAX was shutdown for 5 hours two weeks ago because a truck backfired.  Yale was shutdown for almost an entire day because of a hoax phone call.  One moron with bad intentions and $69 to spend on a drone will do something and pretty soon we'll all need our own Homeland Security/TSA agent assigned to our home to scan all Amazon purchases before delivery.

* It will take kids about 15 minutes to figure out a way to hack delivery so that your shiny new ithingy gets delivered to them so they can sell it on Craigslist to fund their Addy purchases.

Hey, I use Amazon Prime and I buy a fair amount from Amazon (when they offer the best price), but I think Wall Street's love affair with this retailer is insane.  This drone idea gives them 5 years of coverage because no one will care about profits if you're building a drone network.

Or maybe I'm just in a bad mood because Eric Decker ruined my fantasy football season.



Tim Abel said...

I don't think they're developing any such thing. You said it yourself, it could never work. This all a precisely-timed news release giving Amazon a month's worth of free publicity.

The Artful Blogger said...

I think you're actually dead on. It's a publicity stunt on par with Elon Musk's Hyperloop.

Very disappointed in Charlie Rose (who is one of the greatest interviewers ever) for not pressing Bezos on the drone idea.

Thx for the comment.