Friday, December 20, 2013

Hey buddy, need a job?

Okay, I know I tend to be a cynic but it's the holiday season so I'm more tolerant of the typical spin, misdirection or outright lies told by many.  A good friend always reminds me that everyone is always lying but I hold out hope that there are a few honest folks still among our midst.

Well, that hope is taking a serious body blow after reading this article in the Atlantic.  According to a craigslist ad (which thankfully has now be flagged for removal), a Pittsburgh area man is looking for bright young man to attend Harvard on his behalf in exchange for living expenses, fees and $40k/year.  At the end of the arrangement the buyer would have a Harvard degree to impress people with after spending 4 years partying in Ibiza and the seller would have the benefit of 4 yrs of college life while getting paid :( #SMH

So the question is: What does it say about the 0.1%ers that one of their own has access to perhaps the world's finest education but would rather pay someone to go in his place than be bothered to actually go to Harvard?  As the article points out, we hope this was some sort of documentary/reality TV plot line, but I worry that it really was some spoiled rich kid that didn't want to spend the next 4 years working hard.

In a related Harvard/trying to get out of hard work story see this story of a 20 yr old that emailed a bomb threat to Harvard in an effort to get out of finals.

"Kim said he sent his messages using a temporary, anonymous email account routed through the worldwide anonymizing network Tor, according to the affidavit.

So far, so good. But to get to Tor, he had to go through Harvard's wireless network — and university technicians were able to detect that it was Kim who was trying to get to Tor, according to the affidavit."


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