Sunday, December 08, 2013

Weekend potpourri

Many of these items are completely random but I have a long list of bookmarked pages I've been meaning to post so here goes.

You really have to visit this site - which has a global map of all US military installations.  Hmm, should I read that as strategic, defensive, offensive or paranoid?

It's a nice interactive map that allows you to zoom in on various areas of the world.

This image doesn't do this story justice.  You'll have to click through to a radio station website (here) to get the full story of a guy from New Zealand who found a great way to spend some time in the -25 weather of Alberta last week.

The igloo lit up from the inside

From the files of "Seriously?" comes the Washington Post story on the FBI's latest techniques to track down bad guys.  Hidden in this story is the tidbit that the FBI apparently has a software tool that allows it to remotely turn on your webcam and record you without your knowledge.  So far, in the only case mentioned in the article a judge refused to grant permission for it's use.  Hopefully, it stays that way.

At least according to this study - spending a day outside in Shanghai is the equivalent of smoking 21 cigarettes in that same day.

Not that anyone seems to care, but Fukushima is still out of control.  This weekend they recorded the highest level of radiation yet outside of a vent pipe at 25 sieverts/hr.  One report I read said that this could be lethal in 20 minutes of exposure.  Remember, this disaster happened almost 3 years ago!  Yeah, but think of giant 50,000lb yellow fin tuna that will be swimming in the Pacific as a result of new mutations.

Global political update - Kiev protests intensify in the Ukraine, Thailand dissolves its parliament, and the China/Japan war of words continued to heat up over the weekend.


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