Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Privacy: Such a quant 1990's idea

These two stories from the past couple of days really jumped off the screen at me.  I venture to guess that most people are blissfully unaware how much data is being gathered about their daily lives online. 

I believe that one of the big trends in the next 5 years will be attempts to claw back privacy and people will build private tunnels of communication that will be momentary (ie, not stored on google/facebook's servers FOREVER).  If I were investing big money today in the venture capital world that's where I'd be looking because the next Facebook or Twitter will be a temporary tool of communication that leaves no trace and can't be hacked or screensaved.

1) Facebook published a study this fall analyzing patterns of self-censorship.  This their cute name for collecting all of those posts and messages that you started to type but decided to delete instead.  Maybe you start to type a note to your mother that you can't make the family reunion in Arizona this summer because, well it's Arizona in the summer.  However you decide not to post it.  Facebook claims to not be saving this text, but just looking to see if you self-censored.  However, they end their research paper by indicating they'd like to know why people self-censor and that implies that they would like to start analyzing those posts.

2) This story came out yesterday and was sort of lost in the mix of CES2014 stories.  Innovid and Cisco announced a partnership to deliver ads to your smartphone, laptop or tablet based on what you are watching on TV.  So if you're watching "Chopped" and the contestant pours something into a Kitchenaid mixer, you can expect a Kitchenaid ad to pop up on your screen.  Companies and advertisers are really starting to overreach in my opinion and we're on the verge of people cutting all cords for these advertisers.


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