Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wonder if they are hiring?

Last week word got out that the Dubai Police force has added a $240,000 McLaren MP4-12C to their fleet of cars. 

Dubai police adds McLaren MP4-12C to fleet
Clearly, there is a need for speed in the congested city streets of Dubai.  According to MotorAuthority this car joins their fleet of " Chevrolet Camaro SS, Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, Ferrari FF, BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, Aston Martin One-77 and--wait for it--a Bugatti Veyron"

If you had a passion for driving maybe you should send in an application to the Dubai Police force :)

Well, it's not news when a new private equity fund is launched.  It's not even really news when it's $100 million fund.  However, if the fund is a run by High Times with the sole purpose of investing in Colorado's newest "growth" industry --- cannabis-related businesses --- well, that's news.

"Executives at High Times, a New York publication that has covered the marijuana scene for four decades, are launching a new private-equity fund expected to boost Colorado's newest industry.

The HT Growth Fund plans to raise $100 million over the next two years to invest in cannabis-related businesses.

With Colorado the first state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, firms based here are in line to snag a large share of that investment money."

The times they are a changin'.....


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