Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Only in America :)

These two stories pretty much sum up the state of the union today.

The state of the union is PARANOID.

1) Bomb squad called to diffuse pile of pillows

"As a precaution, we contacted the Broward sheriff's bomb squad to investigate."
The bomb squad did not find an explosive device, Rues said. A Miramar police photo showed a plaid shopping bag that had contained some of the eight or so recovered pillows.

The state of the union is flush with C-A-S-H!!

2)  The 75 cent toothpick.  I hesitate to link to these single malt toothpicks because I know of at least one reader that might order a gross of them.

Only in America could someone take something that normally costs $1.00/1,000, rebrand it, flavor it and bam!!! Profit!

"Our Single Malt NÂș16 is a SELECT  batch premium blend and as a result it has a higher price.  This is because they are made with very old, very good, very expensive single malt scotch and are a pain in the arse to make.  This time consuming process is unique to Daneson, and the resulting toothpicks are for those who enjoy finer things in life."


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