Sunday, February 09, 2014

Please don't throttle me bro!

So, that's a vague reference to the old video from the John Kerry speech in 2007 when a student yelled "Don't Taze me, bro!" (you can see the best part here if you've forgotten).

It also is a reference to the denials of Verizon that they are throttling content delivered to customers.

So, if you recall, there was a great deal of anger and outrage back in 2012 when Time Warner quietly decided that those 10 year old modems that they were giving you for free, should now become a $4/month rental item.  At the time the APPROVED modems that you could purchase was still in flux and there was some debate over whether or not you could even bring your own device, so I advised that you wait it out.

Well, another 16 mths have passed and in that time Time Warner has decided that the now 11 year old modem collecting dust on your shelf is worth 50% more/month so they jacked the rental up to $6/mth.  Now that's $72/year for a modem and I can buy a lot of snow gear with $72 extra dollars/year.   I did a couple of quick searches and it appears as though the top of the line modem authorized by time warner is now going for $80 on Amazon.  So, that puts the payback period at 13 months and if you don't plan on moving in the next 13 months, I'd say it makes sense to consider this switch.

Here is the process........

1) Go here and enter your zip code to see a list of approved modems.

2) Find your approved modem - the SB6141 covers just about everyone.

3) Search SB6141 on Amazon.

Add to cart and buy yourself a celebratory drink in 13 mths when you get over on the man.

** Time Warner reports that less than 10% of customers have bought their own modems since they instituted the rental fee.  That means 90%+ of customers are gladly paying $6/mth because they just forgot or can't be bothered to go through the hassle of buying their own equipment. 


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