Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where do you get your news(z)?

I'm going to add a little poll on the sidebar for the next week and I've added the poll to this post.  Please share this post with your friends because it would help with some research I'm doing on the changing face of news.  Thank you!

*** Sorry - I guess the poll didn't work in the post that went out via RSS feed.  Technology, right?  The poll on the right of the homepage - - should work.  Thx.

Where do you get your news?

I think people want their news faster than ever and that they want to see their news constantly updating which is why some people sit on one website and hit refresh 364 times/day.

What if there was a site that did the work for you and brought you the latest news from leading sources around the world instantly?

What if that site did not filter the news through their own political bias like some do?

What if the site was ad-free?  Remember the good old days of Facebook/Google before they began hawking everything under the sun and every car dealer had a flash ad popping up in your face?

What is most important to you - local DWI arrests or Congressional debates on education funding?

You can reply here or email me directly at blantier 4 at gmail dot com (obviously remove the spaces, etc, - I'm just trying to trick the spambots) with any feedback.

Thank you again!

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