Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A bill rate only an accountant or lawyer could love.....

Northrup Grumman might be in a bit of hot water over some questionable billings they submitted to the Federal Government. *

Apparently the company billed a little over $100 million in questionable costs related to a "counter narcoterrorism" contract and....... WAIT, A WHAT CONTRACT?

According to Northrup Grumman's website they provide a convenient definition of this term they apparently made up -

"Northrop Grumman has organized a team to support the U.S. Government in their efforts to counter narcoterrorism worldwide. This team offers the breadth of 52 companies led by the full enterprise and resources of Northrop Grumman. With capabilities that span a multitude of functional areas (see reverse) this team is providing technology, training, logistics, and operational support to forward deployed military and host nation/ government personnel today.

Whether it is mentoring law enforcement personnel in Afghanistan, training Mexican helicopter pilots, tracking terrorist finances, operating Russian helicopters, integrating airborne ISR platforms, or procuring and maintaining equipment for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Central and South America, Team CNGS works hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure they receive the best value and highest quality products and services available."

So I could go into a long discussion on the pointless nature of this kind of spending, but instead, I'll focus on this little nugget hidden in the Inspector General's report:

"The IG found $21.7 million in “potentially excessive payments” for overtime, including one employee who billed $176,900 for 1,208 hours in a 12-day period. 

That caught investigators’ attention, since the employee was billing for more than 100 hours a day.

Well, I'm glad that it caught someones attention when a contractor billed for 100 hours in a day, but it really makes you wonder how many of these slip through the cracks.  No wonder the holy grail for every consultant/software company, etc, is a big contract with the government.

* Ha, we all know that nothing will come of this, but it's fun to dream.

I always find this data amazing and I know it's hard to believe when it's cold outside but there is a reason that it is not called Watertown NY Climate Change, but rather Global Climate Change.

If you are under the age of 29 you have never experienced a month that was cooler than normal globally.  Look at this map, yes, the Northeast and Canada were cooler than normal in April and yes, that is where a lot of western media is based so guess what they covered "is Spring ever coming?", etc.  However look at the rest of the planet - 70% of Africa, All of Europe, Asia, Australia, most of South America, Northern Russia, etc - all experienced another above average month.  On a global scale the last month that was below normal was in 1985 or 350 months in a row above average.

So, yes, it might be cold and wet here in the Northeast this summer (due in part to a warming of the Pacific Ocean) but the point is that you can't judge the global climate by looking out of your window.  I know this won't stop the people in the grocery store from asking me "Where's all this global warming I keep hearing about?" but perhaps it will lead to a more rationale discussion of temperatures globally.



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