Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Momma, let your kids grow up to play in the NFL, NBA, or NHL....

I think I've mentioned before that my kids tell me that I'm the cloud on their sunny day, because I have to inject a dose of realism into every conversation.  It's fine to have hopes, dreams and goals, but hard work and determination are keys to making those hopes and dreams a reality.

However, their is one hurdle that no amount of determination can overcome (yet).  While I'm sure there is some pharma company somewhere working on the next super drug that will add 8" to your child's max height and 35lbs of muscle mass but as of right now you're genes are pretty much your genes.

This chart was posted by deadspin......

 That little black dot on the lower left hand side of the chart?  That's the average 20 year old male - 5'9" and 195lbs.

The next time you're watching an NFL game and you see the "little guys" running 4.2 second 40 yd dashes remember that those little running backs average 6' and 225lbs.   It is interesting that baseball and hockey players are all clustered around 6'-6'2" and 200-220lbs which while big is not all that unusual. However, if you have any basketball dreams look at that chart and think about how many people do you know that are really 6'5" (shooting guards) or 6'8" (SMALL forwards)?

Well, I guess there is always soccer. :)


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