Monday, October 20, 2014

More of the same out there today...

Markets were weak when volume emerged this morning but slowly but steady volume disappeared and a few buyers were able to march the market straight up.

A couple of notes:

1) IBM's results should be something to watch.  They didn't miss their expectations by a couple of million dollars -- they missed by almost a billion dollars.

2) Apple's results were fine but we all knew they were going to sell a pile of shiny new ithingys.  I'm more concerned about their focus on buying their stock instead of innovating.

3) Stat of the day from the UK.  In 1964 the mode (most frequently occurring age) of death was 0 - meaning more people died between 0-1 than at any other age.  In 2013, the mode in the UK jumped to 87.  Wow.

4) Scientists demonstrate the world's smallest generator - 1 atom thick. Double Wow!


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