Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Uh oh, we struck a nerve with #myvoteisnotforsale :)

Many thanks to readers that passed around my message last week to tell the special interests and national political parties that #myvoteisnotforsale!

* Hits to the blog were up 400% on that post!  Again many thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

* Many new visitors to the blog came from DC.  Interesting - I wonder what could have prompted their interest?

* More than a few people searched for the phrase "Grindstone Financial Political Affiliation".  That one cracks me up and anyone that knows me knows that I would never be affiliated with a single party.  Just to clear up any confusion - I'm not registered D or R or Ind.  It really cuts down on the random political robocalls at this time of the year if you don't align with one of the parties.  In the past I've voted for an (R) for president, 3 (D)'s for president and even a Ross Perot :)

This sort of gets back to an earlier conversation we had on data gathering.  If a lowly blogger in Upstate NY warmed solely by the glow of my CRT can gather that kind of info with two or three clicks of a mouse Imagine what Facebook knows about you and I?

I'm planning a second installment of #Myvoteisnotforsale now that the election is less than a week away.  :)

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