Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I've got 99 problems but finding an iPhone 6 ain't one

Stocks had little direction today because the bond market was closed and without someone financing their purchases there was little appetite to buy, but stocks did manage modest gains because it wouldn't be normal to not have more record high stock prices every.... single.... day.

Markets like these require a little humor to get through day so hopefully these stories will bring a smirk to your face (apologies if the local linkfest has already shared these - calling that site a news website is an insult to news operations everywhere).

1) Guy buys 99 iPhones to propose & gets turned down - via The Independent

A young Chinese man has attempted to celebrate China’s Singles Day by proposing to his girlfriend, except it didn’t all quite go according to plan.

The programmer, from Guangzhou province, spent the equivalent of two years salary on buying 99 iPhone 6s in order to – presumably – impress his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the man’s girlfriend was less than impressed and turned him down in front of friends and colleagues

2) This video was online for about 15 minutes late last week before Universal pulled the rights to the song.  You may have seen it already but if you were alive in 1988 and remember the Aerobics craze of the 80's you'll appreciate it.

It's worth noting to any youngsters in your household that this was the height of cool in 1988, so whatever they view as cool today will be just as painful to watch in 2040. If you get the email version of the blog - just visit www.grindstonefinancial.com to view the video it's worth the click :)

Taylor Swift - "Shake it Off" to 1989 Aerobic Championship dancing from moreClaremore on Vimeo.

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