Monday, November 03, 2014

#Myvoteisnotforsale Pt. 2

The point of this conversation is to address the influence of money flooding our political system.

Case in point - North Carolina's $100 million Senate race.  Imagine if the parties (and outsiders) spending that money had directed it toward one or two really important causes in North Carolina rather throw it away on consultants, attack ads and billboards?

Everyone says that the system we have today - countless ads (mostly negative) - is unlikely to change because it works and it only works, because you and I have bought into a system which allows the powers that be to buy our votes.

Well, 2014 can mark the beginning of the end of this process because we are saying #myvoteisnoteforsale.

To that end please consider writing in a candidate for Congress this year.  The process could not be easier as I describe here this youtube clip.

Consider sharing this post with others to spread the word that #myvoteisnotforsale.

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