Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Notice how Ebola went away overnight?

Last week most of the media was obsessed with every person with a fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the western hemisphere and then this week....poof. It's like it was cured overnight.

You can see on this chart that after peaking in mid-October Google searches for Ebola have fallen off a cliff and are barely even registering anymore.

1) This is a good thing because it means the hysteria around Ebola in the US is fading.

2) However, stories like Ebola tend to drive clicks and eyeballs so the decline in the number of reported stories and search queries is odd over such a short timeline.

That is until you see this quote buried in a Forbes story yesterday,
"The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed."

Now, I think this is the responsible thing to do but it speaks to the power the media has in stirring up and calming the US populace.


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