Sunday, November 09, 2014

Oh the Humanity!!! Alaskan Bomb/Polar Vortex will hit us all next week!

So to be clear, I get it....winter weather is serious and you need to treat it with respect.  However, the hype that is likely to build in the coming week around next weekend is possibly going to reach last January's Polar Vortex hype despite the fact that this a fairly normal occurrence.

Occasionally, the cold air over the north pole is influenced by storms around globe which move the jet stream.  We used to call this November in the Northeast but since everything needs a hashtag to get clicks and eyeballs these days the hype around this might get truly silly.

There is an outside chance (I'll have a better idea by tomorrow) that a low pressure systems kicks up off the coast of NYC next weekend while the temps are below 32 and if NYC gets snow before Thanksgiving we'll be in full-blown panic mode on The Weather Channel.

Models are predicting that highs next week in much of the Northeast will be 10-20 degrees below normal which is meaningful but not unheard of.  In the far extremes (NNY and the Adirondacks) it is possible that we could be below 40 for up to a week.

Of course, the record low for our area is -3 F for November and I think it's safe to say that record is not jeopardy.  I was chatting with a fellow ice fisherman the other day who showed me that according to his records he was on the ice on Nov 15th in 1985.  I guess maybe I'll have to dust off those tip-ups :)


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