Monday, December 22, 2014

Observations pt 2

I came across this summary the other day when reading the "smartest twitter feeds" on

I think it was a great set of guidelines for success in life in the late 1980's and I think many of them still ring true, however, I worry that as a society we are losing the ability to collectively value these ideas.  My thoughts are in italics....

1) “Treat your vocabulary the way you would your checking account.” Expression often lags behind experience, and one should learn to articulate what would otherwise get pent up psychologically. Learn to express yourself. Get a dictionary.

In today's era of tweets, hashtags, and emojii the ability to articulate a thought is becoming increasingly rare.  Strike one.

2) Be generous with your family. Even if your convictions clash with theirs, don’t reject them—your skepticism of your infallibility can only benefit you. It will also save you a good deal of grief when they are gone.

Despite concerns about the failing American family, the divorce rate appears to be falling for those married in the 1990's and 2000's (however, you could argue that the number of people getting married is also falling, but I digress), so I think this is one area where we're doing okay as a society.

3) “You ought to rely on your own home cooking.” Do not expect society to arrange itself to your benefit—there are too many people whose desires conflict for that to happen. Learn to rely on yourself, and help those who cannot.

I believe the author was speaking metaphorically here - basically, saying take care of yourself.  This is one area where we are really off the rails - 6 years into the great recovery and EBT participation is at record levels, worker's compensation claims are soaring, etc.  Strike two.

4) “Try to not to stand out.” Do not covet money or fame for their own sake. It is best to be modest.

Every new "innovation" coming out of silicon valley seems to be at the other end of this statement.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc are creating a "look at me" culture that is neither healthy nor sustainable. However, I am hopeful that some youth see the folly of this existence and are already abandoning these platforms. Foul Tip!!

5) Do not indulge in victimhood. By blaming others, you undermine your determination to change your circumstances. When life confronts you with hardships, remember that they are no less an intrinsic part of existence. If you must struggle, do so with dignity.
Scroll through the evening news or social media on any given day and you'll see the degree to which victimhood has overtaken our society.  Strike Three!!

Now seriously GET OFF MY LAWN!


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