Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Americanize, Americanize, View the World From American Eyes

Any chance to use one of my favorite song lyrics in a blog post is always a plus.

This is a very long article from Atlantic magazine (does the Atlantic even bother to write short articles?) but I'd suggest you take 10 minutes and give it a read this weekend if you value your privacy.

"The company has taken roughly 2.2 billion license-plate photos to date. Each month, it captures and permanently stores about 80 million additional geotagged images. They may well have photographed your license plate. As a result, your whereabouts at given moments in the past are permanently stored. Vigilant Solutions profits by selling access to this data".

As my increasingly wary teen daughter said tonight "We might have to resort to riding our bikes to the store so Amazon won't know when we're out of milk".

Since I'm in a link sharing mood: This interactive chart from McKinsey should be on the home screen of every parent with a child looking at colleges.

While at first it appears very cluttered, I'd suggest you breakdown the data by selecting specific industries (uncheck the "ALL" box on the right hand side of the chart).

In essence, the chart is designed to show you the percentage of a job that can be automated (ie, replaced by a robot or software) versus the pay of that job.  Ideally you want to be in the lower right hand of the chart --- low % of automation & high salary.  However, more interesting are the jobs in the middle and toward the top.  These jobs are high paying but are subject to a high degree of automation.  Network administrators, nuclear power plant techs, etc., these jobs might be in real trouble when companies look to cut costs through automation.

I'd say however, that much of this chart is based on standard industry inputs.  They show very high demand for financial planners, etc., however, I actually think that industry will be completely dead in 20 years so take it all with a grain of salt.  Either way it should prompt some interesting conversations.

And as various doctors in our family have all confirmed make sure your children grow up to be Nurse Anesthetists :)


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