Friday, January 29, 2016

Kudos to National Grid

I am not typically a fan of our local utility as they continuously escalate prices in an era when their cost of electric production should be plummeting, but I've seen them locally taking a proactive step and I wish more companies would follow their lead.

As part of their work to manage the growth of trees around overhead power lines the National Grid does routine tree trimming to take away limbs that could impact the power lines in the event of a wind or ice storm.

In the past week they have been concentrating their efforts around our community and the evidence is everywhere.  I think if you looked around you'd be hard pressed to find a single tree that is threatening our overhead power lines right now.  Given the warm, El Nino influenced winter we're having and the similarities to 1998 when our region was hit by a paralyzing ice storm this is both proactive and surprisingly visionary.

I hope that this isn't just some government grant to keep stabilize National Grid payrolls, I'm hopeful that this is an example of a large corporation realizing that a small investment today can pay great dividends in the future through reduced exposures.

More companies should take up the "Invest for Today, Win Tomorrow" mantra over the "Cut Costs Now, Cut Costs More Tomorrow" policy that is so prevalent in corporate America today.


* I know the tree trimming can be controversial because it can give some of the trees a fairly odd shape, but the benefit of having electricity during the next major storm should offset any discomfort you feel from looking at ugly trees :)


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