Sunday, January 10, 2016

Million $ idea

Build a quick and easy camera cover for iPhones.  Why would this be in demand?

It could have something to do with this story....

"Apple's first disclosed acquisition of 2016 is software company Emotient, which specializes in reading users' expressions while they operate computers. Emotient uses AI software to break down micro-emotions shown on each face in a video frame and quantify it into three indicators: 
is the subject paying attention to the advertising
are they emotionally engaged
are they showing a positive or negative emotion

The faces are pixelated to provide user anonymity without sacrificing the expression.

Apple using my camera to judge my reaction to everything I see, hear or read on my computer (assume it will be phone as well). Thanks - I'll pass.  

Market update - 
Markets are swinging wildly again as there appears to be a significant problem in the global currency markets.  The Chinese will aggressively seek to stem the rapid Yuan devaluation but this freight train might be reaching terminal velocity and they brakes are failing.


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