Tuesday, October 04, 2016

An Interesting Distraction

With 30+ days to go in the US election cycle we could all use a little distraction.  Enter a quick little quiz brought to you by the fine people at MIT called the moral machine.

The quiz debates the issue of autonomous driving and if confronted with a question - ie, crash the car and kill three passengers or drive straight into 4 pedestrians crossing against the light, which would you chose?  After you take the test you'll see where you stand relative to others who have taken the test (let's just say you don't want to be a dog in my version of the future).

While it seems like a bit of a silly experiment, the reality is that autonomous driving is coming faster than anyone predicted and since the greatest danger to computerized driving is the unpredictable actions of humans around the cars, there may come a time when the computers will have to develop their own moral compass for situations like these.

You can visit the MIT site here and just click "start judging" to determine who gets to live another day in our robot driven future.

Friday's market turn around was nothing short of amazing given the bad info upon which it was based.  If you remember, everyone was very concerned about Deutsche Bank having a Lehman moment (though I'd say they are more Bear Sterns, but tomato, tomahto) when a bunch of tweets hit twitter about a "deal" that had been reached with the Dept of Justice (allegedly reducing their fine from $14 billion to $5.4 billion).  These tweets from random sources with little supporting information were then picked up by a French news agency which gave the story further credibility. 

Well, over the weekend we learned that not only is there no deal in place, the CEO of Deutsche Bank hasn't even met with the DOJ yet.  Deutsche Bank's stock has stabilized and remains off the Friday morning lows, however the insurance on Deutsche Bank (CDS if you watched the Big Short) has not receded at all indicating that there is still ample fear in the market re: DB.

Lots of interesting reading coming in the next few posts.


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