Monday, February 12, 2018

The Future is Small. Really, REALLY small

While I see many challenges facing society in the automated world of tomorrow, some of the changes are going to be amazing.

If I were starting out as a youngster today and I had any inclination toward engineering, I'd focus on nanoscale projects because that is going to be a booming field in the future, in my opinion.

Consider this article which highlights one companies efforts to keep surfaces clean through the use of an electric signal or as they spell out in plain English, "resonance enhanced microscopic (di)electric coupling of polar mesogens to the electric field."

This might seem like a silly pursuit until you consider that as the world moves toward solar power keep all of those panels working at peak efficiency will be a key to their success.  Dust has been shown to reduce a solar panel's efficiency by up to 50%, so utilizing technology like this to "auto clean" panels could be very valuable.  

While we've had "robots you could swallow" for some time, this new nanobot really opens up an entirely new world to remote therapies.

The key to this innovation though lies in the fact that "it's a flexible, fabric-like robot that can walk, swim, and even carry cargo, despite having no mechanical elements or batteries.

Watch this video and try not to be impressed.

So while some want to stick their head in the sand and hope for better days down the road, I'm happy to know that someone is working hard in a lab to make tomorrow better for us all.


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