Friday, April 03, 2020

COVID19 - In pictures

I'm going to take a different approach this morning and just share a few of the things I've seen over the past 24 hours. 

For every photo that I see like this of NYC as a ghost town...

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I see one like this - which is allegedly the #2 train in NY last night.  There are countless stories like this around New York and as long as free movement is allowed, I don't know how we get back to normal.  Imagine what percentage of people on this train are essential - healthcare workers dealing with patients, etc.

Hey @NYGovCuomo - every school district in NYS has school buses that are sitting idle right now, maybe mobilize them to alleviate the strain on the subway system?

From NYC where the National Guard is deployed and 45 morgue trucks are now parked near hospitals to deal with the overflow of deceased citizens because our funeral homes can't keep up.
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This is a great visualization of how disjointed our approach to this crisis has been as a nation.

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So, NY, VT, MA, WA and.... Louisiana (good for them) are testing aggressively though it remains under 1 in 100 people being tested.  However, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and ..... California are poised to be the next wave. 

Okay, well maybe those states with lower testing are already in lock down mode and that will slow the spread of the virus.

Hmm, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi....ugh.  This map uses anonymous cell phone geo-location data to measure average distance traveled by cell phone per day.  This is an average so if you drive 5 miles to the store but your kids are at home and your wife hasn't been outside since 2017, then the average of your 4 phones would be under 2 miles/day.  The Northeast and the West are doing a great job.  The southern plains and the South, not so much.

I'll have a further post later today covering the unemployment numbers and some economic data but this photo is worth sharing after yesterdays record jobless claims.  Someone took the NY Times cover from last week with an iconic graph showing 3.3 million jobless claims in a week and updated it for what it would have to look like after yesterday's 6.6 million number.


Daily humor: Quarantine day 44 - Captain's log: I am no longer allowed to chew, swallow, exhale or sigh in her presence.  That is all.


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