Monday, June 01, 2009

Ever wonder why your Canon camera works so well?

There's been a fair amount of buzz on the web over the past couple of days regarding Canon's manufacturing and design facilities. Apparently, their CEO isn't a big fan of chairs for employees. Actually there is some decent evidence that indicates removing chairs improves efficiency so I don't have a huge issue with that idea. However, when they installed a monitor to watch at which you walk in the hallway, well that might be a bit much.

Apparently, if an employee dips below a pace of 15 ft in 3.6 seconds (seems sort of arbitrary), sirens and alarms go off. While it sounds like some sort of candid camera (pun intended) spoof, the photos are pretty telling.....

The market continues to get played by the big money players. On Friday (the end of the month) there was a strange vertical move in stocks right at the end of the day. Stocks surged nearly 1% in the last 15 minutes as it has done often times this year. Trader talk is that JP Morgan came into the market at the very end of the day with a massive buy order for 2,500 S&P e-mini contracts. This is effectively a $500 million buy order at the end of the day. It's pretty blatant market manipulation if it's true.

Finally, GM's bankrupt and out of the Dow but stocks are climbing again because well......frankly, I think we're out of excuses now. It's just higher because it's the only game in town - no one is making any money operating their businesses so we're all daytraders now :)
PS - Did any of my local readers get a look at that blue yacht that went down the river around 1pm yesterday? It passed a ship in front of our house and I estimated it at about 75 ft, but it could have been larger. That was the coolest looking yacht I've ever seen. I'd love it if someone had a good photo to share.


ConcernedCitizen said...

No, I have never wondered why my Canon camera works so well. In recent years I have purchased four Canon cameras and three of the four have had lens cover failure rendering them useless. I have the expensive models, too, and during my travels always carry several digital cameras just in case. If you google the reviews of the Canon cameras you will also find that the company has been very uncooperative in taking responsibility for and fixing the problem to the extent that class action has been considered by some consumers.

The Artful Blogger said...

Thanks for the insight on Cannon. I don't have much experience with them outside of a small reliable point and shoot digital. Perhaps the insanity of their workplace is hurting quality control more than helping it?